Top 6 Best Places To Travel With Your Bike This August 2022

Late summer is perfect for exploring a new city on your bike. With plenty of sunshine and free time in August, why not plan a trip to somewhere new? Biking gives you a unique perspective of a location, letting you see what a city is all about.
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Here are some great locations to visit soon.

Take Me to Scottsdale

If you want a variety of biking options, Scottsdale, Arizona is perfect. The city has great bike paths in the city that lead through fun neighborhoods and take you past amazing art installations. The relaxing ride is perfect for riders of every age, so check out bicycles for seniors to get the whole family ready. For thrill-seekers, Scottsdale also has great mountain biking trails to check out.

Biking in Boston

Get a new feel for New England with a bike tour in Boston, Massachusetts. You can bike through American history, riding down roads that have been around since the American Revolution.
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Visit the Boston Harbor, then ride to the ferry and head to Deer Island to bike in a beautiful and natural state park.

Get Going in Greenville

Head south for a special biking experience in Greenville, South Carolina. The city’s Prisma Health Swamp Rabbit Trail has a unique name with a unique experience to match. The trail takes you through urban and natural areas, with restaurants and shops along the way. Greenville’s laid-back feel is perfect for a girl’s trip, so plan a women’s bike weekend and see what the city has to offer.

Pedaling in Portland

If you’re looking for a spot to ride in the Pacific Northwest, Portland, Oregon should be on your list. The city has always had a reputation for embracing biking and eco-friendly lifestyles. Portland has more cyclists per capita than any other city. You can get anywhere in town on a bike, making it easy to explore Portland’s well-known food trucks and coffee shops. It’s just as easy to take a nature ride, with great trails leading through state preserves.

Exploring in Moab

Take your bike to the desert with a visit to Moab, Utah. This is a perfect destination for riders who love pedaling through mountain landscapes. You can hop onto great mountain biking trails right from town. Challenge your skills by riding some of the tougher terrains, or take it easy with the simpler paths.
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Either way, you’ll be rewarded with amazing mountain and canyon views.More Movies Download from here Madras Rockers

Relaxing in Madison

Enjoy some midwest hospitality in Madison, Wisconsin. The area’s biking infrastructure has grown over the years, making it a wonderful place for a ride. Use the bike lanes to check out downtown, or switch it up and ride in an electric tricycle for a different experience. In Madison, you can have plenty of fun riding around the heart of the city, or head out on a longer rural trail for a relaxing journey.

Plan out your next biking adventure, and let an expert bike shop help you find the ride that will be perfect for wherever you’re headed!

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