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V. Manohar Whole life and career in a short view:-
This person is one of the major music director of the Kannada and Tulu music industry and he is working in these two industry for a long time and he gained a heavy fame in the whole south Indian state. This person “V. Manohar” is a local man of Vitla village of Dakshina Kannada district of Karnataka state. His father name is “Shivanna bhat” and mother is “Padmavathi”.
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This is somehow amazing that, he had started his career as a cartoonist working in some of leading newspapers and magazines. At the same time, in the beginning of his career, he was very closely associated with the recent popular Kannada cinemas directors as like “Kashinath” and “Upendra”. His first film was as a music director the “Jaggesh” starrer “Tharle Nan Maga” and this was in the time of 1992 and it was directed by “Upendra”.
Now lets move to the names of the works of this man and this will lets you to know about the working capability and same time, you some other senior person will recognize this person very clearly then you can by the previous description.
Here are the names of the discography in which this man had worked so far:

V. Manohar Movie List::

Movie Name Year
Akshathe 2016
Vamshodharaka 2015
Chaali Polilu 2014
Angulimala 2014
Bhagirathi 2012
Kirataka 2011
Ujwadu 2011
Naariya Seere Kadda 2010
Nanda 2009
Meravanige 2008
Minchina Ota 2008
Akka Thangi 2008
Janumada Gelathi 2008
Neenyare 2008
Duniya 2007
Gandana Mane 2007
Koti Chennaya 2007
Mata 2006
A Aa E Ee 2006
Chigurida Kanasu 2003
Mathadana 2001
Indradhanush 2000
Krishna Leele 2000
Munnudi 2000
Suryavamsha 1999
Janumadatha 1999
Swasthik 1999
Z 1999
Doni Saagali 1998
Bhoomi Thayiya Chochchala Maga 1998
Kurubana Rani 1998
Mr. Putsami 1998
Mangalyam Tantunanena 1998
O Mallige 1997
Jodi Hakki 1997
Ulta Palta 1997
Mungarina Minchu 1997
Laali 1997
Janumada Jodi 1996
Anuraga Sangama 1995
Operation Antha 1995
Gejje Naada 1993
Server Somanna 1993
Tharle Nan Maga 1992
Ganesha Subramanya 1992

V. Manohar Awards

These are main films and works of this man and this is better to mention the names of the awards at the same time when we have come to know about the works of this man and this will complete this article on whole.

– “Tulu Cinemotsava Award” for “Best Music Director” in 2015 for the song “Chaali Polilu”

– “Red FM Tulu Film Award” for “Best Lyricist” in 2014 for “Barke”

– “Tulu Cinemotsava Award” for “Best Music Director” in the year of 2013 for “Bangarda Kural”

– “Filmfare Award” for “Best Lyricist” in Kannada music industry for “Kannallu Neenene”

– “Karnataka State Film Award” for “Best Music Director” in 2004 “Chigurida Kanasu”

– “Karnataka State Film Award” for “Best Music Director” in the year of 1997 “Jodi Hakki”

– “Karnataka State Film Award” for “Best Music Director” in the time of 1994 “Janumada Jodi”

– “Karnataka State Film Award” for “Best Lyricist” in 1993 – “O Mallige Ninnondige”

– “Karnataka State Film Award” for “Best Lyricist” in the time of 1993 “Megha O Megha”

Here you can see the whole career of this man and by mentioning these all it is better to say that, he had to work for a long time to gain such place and from this point view, no one should judge a creative person by the number of popularity rather check out the dedication to become perfect on where he is.

At the same time, “V. Manohar” is a person who is considered as one of the best composer of the south Indian film industry. There are hardly any movie or music lover in this state who don’t know the name of this person.
And if you are a fan of this man then then you don’t have to wait for long time to get the latest work from him.

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He is at a time, singer, actor, lyricist, music director and so on and thats why he has a different identity in the whole film industry

****** V. Manohar – Wikipedia

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